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Derek McCabe Photography

Fine Art Photo Prints

Digital Capture

The process of making a fine art print involves a number of processes revolving around creativity, vision, and technical knowledge. First and foremost is the process of seeing and capturing the image. I currently capture my images with high resolution Canon digital SLRs. The new high end digital SLRs have the ability to capture amazingly detailed high-resolution images with great dynamic range with the added advantage of shooting in RAW format. These new camera systems have revolutionized the way photographers capture images, particularly with the ability to photograph at very high ISO values in low light conditions.

Retouching & Color

I spend at least 45-60 minutes processing each image. Retouching with the clone stamp tool or utilizing the brush tool and a soft edge brush to subtly improve tones and soften features. And often I create precise selections for noise reduction, or sometimes actually adding in grain simulations. Masking to create composite images that look natural and intentional. Targeted adjustment layers control the opacity of effects. I often use a wide selection of specialized plug-ins… all inside an Adobe LightRoom/ PhotoShop workflow utilizing a Wacom Cintiq 27QHD Creative Pen and Touch Display.

Lab Prints

Once the image is processed, a printer profile is embedded into the digital file that is calibrated specifically for my photo lab. I use photo labs that use chemical processing on a special metallic paper, not inkjet. I print all my prints on Kodak Endura Metallic paper. This paper has a distinctive, eye-catching, metallic look and has the highest color gamut for stronger, brighter, more vibrant colors. It also has natural-looking skin tones. Excellent D-Min for clean-looking whites  and higher D-Max capability for bold, rich blacks. Clean and sharp for text and graphics. This is the best paper… I have tried them all!

Latest Prints

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